why he switched

Arlen Specter“There was no effort made to find any answer to the economic problems of the country, and it was just a no, no, no, and no discussion,” said Arlen Specter talking a bit about what he witnessed as a Republican. “But I feel free to tell you that I felt under tremendous pressure.”

  1. Get a president elected by the narrowest of margins in a highly controversial manner.
  2. Pass huge tax cuts for rich people.
  3. Ignore warning signs about an imminent attack on the US.
  4. In the wake of the attack, establish that everyone who opposes your policies is unpatriotic.
  5. Start a war based on lies.
  6. Spend domestically like drunken sailors.
  7. Let an American city drown.
  8. Ruin the economy.
  9. Lose control of Congress.
  10. Lose the presidency.
  11. Then, once in opposition, make no effort whatsoever to help solve the problems you created, and instead put all your effort into making sure that the people who are at least trying to solve the problems can’t do so, ensuring that they get the blame.