Who do we said do?

This link points to a serious post at DailyKos that has garnered 222 comments already that Dave925 describes as carrying water for the Plutocracy.

I believe an hour’s reading here will loft new ideas about our leadership and culture, and perhaps increase both commitment and comfort as we learn to live under a very corrupt system.

I’m surprised and relieved that my fellow citizens carried on a stream of comments with nary a flame, usually contributing thoughtfully to each other, and often bringing important new resources.

Some folks have a very internalized view of how the world works and will be alarmed. But I’m sure most of us carry suspicions about elites and governments and media and education and war. We won’t be surprised reading this hefty page, and we will learn erroneousness.

Erroneousness? Nietzsche tells us:

“…from every point of view the erroneousness of the world in which we believe we live is the surest and firmest thing we can get our eyes on.”