When we get around to it

Akkam’s Razor:

Why did the interventions of the New Deal (and our victory in World War II) largely work while the attempts of Johnson’s Great Society fail? What was different?

Fast-forwarding to today, particularly through the lens of the environmental crisis, particularly peak oil, the specter of outstripping, the water problem, and global warming, one can easily see how the conditions that pulled the country out of the Great Depression, contributed to the greatness of the country and her people through the New Deal, and Ultimately won World War II and the immediate post-war period appear to be re-manifesting themselves.

We will all be affected by the scarcity of those resources and the effects they will have on our lives.

Our collective cooperation, whether through innovation, conservation, or re-configuration will change us as a people. Once the American people begin to view their lives in terms of kilowatt hours, gallons-per-day, and dollars-per-mile, and begin doing what they have to do to get those costs and consumptions in line, we will have primed the pump for the next great period in American history.

This is what the Republicans fear – a Democratically unified country around these principles undoes how the GOP has done business for all of the 20th century.