What? We worry?

While McBush pins laurel you like, Hillary woos paychecks in peril; while Obama readies for our planet in peril, argument isn’t enough for tomorrow.

Costs rise and then rise. Warm up to that globally!

After several days exchanging this and that, I find myself wondering how you are, what you’re doing, is all OK?

The first OPEC noise of 1973 warmed me to the idea of serving our townships, nation and world by becoming proficient about our energy use and our world’s sustainability. California certified the first Energy Auditors in the mid-70s and I was number 84 and brought ideas to 6400 grocery stores and 8000 church buildings to cut ourselves away from oil.

Proficient is the wrong term because what we haven’t done has no expertise. Today’s OPEC steers a rope around us and neither energy use or sustainability has been made ready. You can say it’s greed done it, or unhealthy denial, or tired politics; mere human game.

But I can say I’ve failed too. For example, a reverse polarity electromagnetic engine might travel further on a cup than gas engines on a barrel, but I failed to finish a prototype to prove it (if I could). Why? Because incredulity tore me to ribbons. A simple pencil can turn a house toward the sun to soak up enough heat to reduce monthly drain. I designed passive solar in the 70s – chilly Lake Tahoe, others in Sonoma and Marin – to demonstrate what light or mass can achieve, what convection delivers and array can bring. But paying for incredulity costs more than buying innovation. Two samples of one hundred….

I shouldn’t mention I worked to put gold mine claims on Federal waters of the SFBay with a tug, a barge and a windmill to remove colloidal precious particles using wind and electrolysis and accretion with a sideline of selling the cleaned water before it’s lost to the Pacific. Nor that I promoted electron sterilization to thwart radioactive food irradiation. Or molecular sieves for inert gas refrigeration to ship strawberries and asparagus in bulk. Or closed loop industrial pallet and crate recycling instead of our third rank waste of trees. I’ve already told you about soy diesel to urban bus lines 25 years ago! So said this much, you should know the cheapest new transport system on earth is to suspend transit over our existing roads; airway already bought. Incredulity stops it. A few samples of dozens….

Stop losing things to wrong people, people. I’m too old to want much now but you should look for earnest folks and get out of the house and tinker with your friends. Soon.

Credulity needs you. It’s time to be what you’re believing.