what we talk about

What’s our agenda?

It’s not:

  1. how the world really works
  2. what is really going on
  3. what to do about it
  4. how to live better

‘We carry on as if nothing much is wrong and as if everything in our unsustainable and doomed culture somehow makes sense, and will somehow continue, and things will just get better.’

Dave Pollard:

When I’m out in public I often listen to conversations, and what I hear is nothing but

  1. vapid time-wasting,
  2. echo-chamber reassurances,
  3. regurgitated propaganda,
  4. sob stories,
  5. unactionable rhetoric,
  6. appalling misinformation,
  7. self-aggrandizement,
  8. gossip,
  9. manipulation and denigration of others.

I hear no new ideas or insights, no cogent discussion of how we can prepare for and increase our resilience in the face of the impending sixth great extinction and the economic, energy and ecological collapse that will push extinction into overdrive and bring down the most expansive and least sustainable civilization in our species’ short history.

I no longer believe anything I read in the mainstream media.

I no longer relate to what the entertainment industry.

I have given up watching movies.

I no longer relate to what most people do with ‘leisure’ time.

I no longer have anything to talk about with most people.