We, poor prisoners of our mind

The very idea of the infinite is intolerable to us. It doesn’t fit the model.

Nothing can go faster than the speed of light. There is a fundamental particle that cannot be subdivided. Space is finite. There is no such thing as the square root of negative one — it’s an ‘irrational’ number. We are the crown of creation, the pinnacle of evolution over time, moving inexorably forward, because we are only creature that can understand that time is real, and linear!

Meanwhile, the rest of all-life-on-Earth, including those pesky indigenous tribes that have no words for time, understand that time is a chimera, a construct, a falsity, meaningless outside of the artificial context of other elaborate, fragile civilized human hoaxes.

The ‘moments’ when my life has had most meaning, when I have been most alive, in the real world, connected with all-life-on-Earth, have been those moments when I escaped from time, lived outside of it, became utterly unaware of its absurdity and its constraints. At those moments I was infinite, aware beyond any semantic definition of awareness, so full of love that I became love, and free from everything that has constrained, limited, subdued, deluded, indoctrinated me, made me everybody else. I became naturally myself, and naturally a part.

From Dave Pollard’s how to save the world

‘The Moment is Infinity’ is a book I created, bound in gilded leather and showed a few people before I lost it. Youth has little regard for itself. Has anyone found it?