We live in odd times

Exxon just announced the biggest profit in American corporate history.

At any price on the tanker, Exxon delivers $25 of net profit per barrel, while Shell generates $20.

Gasoline and fossil fuels are a serious wound to our air, earth’s species, our stability, and our pocket.

Yet Exxon’s $39.5 billion is a small pinch of the cost of war. The War in Iraq has cost U.S. taxpayers more than $400 billion since the March 2003 invasion, and the president’s new budget seeks another quarter of a trillion dollars over the next two years.

Neither bears nor bulls can offer clues about what we must decide will be our better future.

We will divide resources across new tasks and direct our duty into new horizons.

We will have a different world soon. We all sense it’s needed.

We will shake another yolk of silly dominance and engage each other in better ways.

It’s in the hand we offer and the resolve we give each other.