we breathe tiny tar balls

Here’s most interesting links on overlooked [dangerous] tiny tar balls that are ‘created‘ within our atmosphere

1) Airborne pollution creates tiny tar balls that persist longer than anyone had thought.

2) The formation of aggregates and polymers in the atmosphere is much more widespread than previously thought.

We’ve been overlooking the transformation of organics in the atmosphere.

NY Times reports:
Scientists Find New Dangers in Tiny but Pervasive Particles in Air Pollution

Current models of fine particulates grossly underpredict “sometimes by as much as a factor of 10”.

Fine atmospheric particles — smaller than one-thirtieth of the diameter of a human hair — were identified more than 20 years ago as the most lethal of the widely dispersed air pollutants in the United States.

Linked to both heart and lung disease, they kill an estimated 50,000 Americans each year.

But more recently, scientists have been puzzled to learn that a subset of these particles, called secondary organic aerosols, has a greater total mass, and is thus more dangerous, than previously understood.

Read up on Atmospheric Chemistry. “The field of atmospheric chemistry is very broad, both in the problems addressed and in the approaches taken.”

The soot and tar deposits onto glaciers too.
The industrial revolution is recorded in the ice.