We are where?

There is a task for humanity methinks.

Humanity must have a great want of a superb future.

This is necessary. We fail too easily unless we are deeply invigorated by our path ahead. We must ask this of ourselves.

When I wrote these verses quite awhile ago, I was feeling the gift of hopefulness – an easy step for any child, but an an adult must preserve this ‘grand forwardness’, if this is a correct way to put it.

Where is the rich magnificence
That tender children sense
To drift our atmospheric thought
Over stony vision lost in social knot?

Where is the gifted deep intelligence
That leaps beyond the timid fence,
That piercing probe of quickest wit
Lance the gripping past, be done of it?

Where is the blanket of community
That o’er the womb of opportunity
Orphan’d deeds do sprout and climb
To strengthen hearts that brave through time?

Where are these coasts of future’s rhyme
That soothe the dusts that fall in time,
That pound remembrance to the heart,
To build our peace, our poise, in every part?

Sometimes I say to myself “Give me the wisdom to be a fool!” if foolishness is what’s needed for us to believe in ourselves and bring ourselves a world that excites and pleases us.