waving his holy, er, smoke

With 3000 cases of abuse reported to them between 2000 and 2010, the Church’s doctrinal office elected to proceed with church trials for less than 10%.

Matt Taibbi rightfully rants, “…if someone molested my child and was allowed back in the priesthood, I’d be reaching for an axe.”

So this monster who was known to the highest authorities in the church to be a monster was allowed to die an active priest who was allowed to work with children for 24 years even after he was exposed, until the end of his life.

They’ll use any means necessary to keep their market share and if they have to lie and cheat and deflect and point fingers to keep the racket going, they’ll do it, just like any other sleazeball company.

But I think it’s time we started considering that what the church is is even worse than that. It’s possible we should start wondering if the church is also a criminal organization that in this country, anyway, should be broken up using RICO statutes.