Walking with the eagle

The herald of society rises slowly.

And often from surprising corners. This is the fabric of history itself. Even the most tense social order is always on the verge of surprise.

Here, where surprise is most profound, liquid cultures are absorbing the incessant passions of humanity and do so best by ingeniously recognizing tensions between individual and collective sovereignty. It is the application of this ingenuity that presses the wise.

What is clearer today though is the effect of inaction. The ideal can be lost. We can be losing individuals in a crowd of individualists. This is the lesson of nihilist utopianists.The individual’s talent, the individual’s spirit of reliance upon change, is a response to the potential of the whole, not to the arrangement of the immediate.

The simultaneous fostering of the individual within the whole of society is the crucible of our imagination and the growth of a free society. The realization of this moral cooperation is the transcendent victory of all humanity. This victory is our new constant.