Voodoo V-Vote

New Orleans, NOLO Free Press – Gulf State election officials announced today they are pinning their hopes on the sharpened results introduced after delivery of upgraded voting machines.

John and Cindy McCain voodoo dollsWhile continuing their coverage of vote rigging and e-voting in New Orleans, Mississippi Gulf and Gulf South, investigators at New Orleans News Ladder showed contents of a package only identified by the scrawled address to Mr. and Mrs. John and Cindy McSame.

After a frenzy of conferences today, policy agreement has been reached to launch investigations along Gulf States levee and lowlands impacted by Hurricane Katrina but only the areas FEMA declared had been flooded by wind.

Helicopter-based infrared scanning will not be funded as part of the tactical round up after local residents repeatedly assured officials that the perpetrators did not give off sufficient heat for detection by conventional instruments.

An emergency presidential campaign committee assured the RNC that this is not aimed at the voodoonomics of the Reagan era, but worried about repeating vote rigging in Florida, representatives of the Southern Gulf states are acting quickly before November polls.

An unattributable voice left the impression that ‘voodoo-voting’ will likely quiet down if the pinpetrators fail to unseat McCain’s presumptive candidacy at the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis-Saint Paul.