Vegetable oil? Drive it away.

TRANS fats, used to cook foods like French fries and found in biscuits, dramatically increase a woman’s risk of becoming infertile, according to new research.

Scientists found that for every two per cent increase in the number of calories a woman got from trans fats instead of carbohydrates, her risk of infertility increased by 73 per cent.

Scientists believe trans fats – found mostly in processed vegetable oils – interfere with cells that play a vital role in ovulation.

Harvard School of Public Health
18,555 healthy women

Story at the Scotsman, with goodly doric wry, ey?
Whit ah want tae know is….aw thae hormones in ma pill that ah pee doon the bog and flush away intae the sea…thit are turnin the fish hermaphrodite…well is anybody taking a census here o’ how much hormonal activity is bouncin aboot in the sea n’ bein absorbed by yir dinner? Cos ye know….thirs quite a few o’ us wimmin swallowing these wee pills, and thirs quite a few o’ us wimmin eatin fish as well……and guys of course.

Vegetable oil? Drive it away.