Urban Farming Contest

Jules Dervaes and his family at Home Grown Revolution are readying to harvest 10,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables in 2008 from merely 1/10 acre.

Can 1/10 of an acre (about 4,300 sq ft; 400 sq meter) grow a cornucopia of 10,000 pounds without using synthetic fertilizers? We are talking about a piece of land equivalent to 65’x65′! Read more

They’re not kidding. In 2003, they surprised themselves with 6,000 lbs (3 tons) of fruits, vegetables and herbs on their Pasadena 1/10 acre. Now they’re challenging the world by attempting to harvest five tons from their city lot.

Jules says, “Our leaders, being politicians, are not leaders at all but are bound to be followers, who just won’t be there for us in a crisis. So, it’s up to me and you to make the choice of becoming responsible stewards of the earth.”

Increasing and diversifying how we use land might become important sooner than we think. The agriculturists at AllAboutFeed report that food prices will rise continuously for the foreseeable future. They report that much of the increase in prices is a result of world growth and “the only way to slow that significantly would be through war, pandemics or chronic health issues“.

Although alarm about shortages and high prices may not be prudent, a steady re-invigoration of local farming, and backyard farming, can be truly beneficial.

I’ve lived in an era where the portent of disaster, such as atomic annihilation, germ warfare and now hoards of angry jihadists will destroy us, or for that matter something as innocuous as the Y2K bug! I can’t listen anymore. But nuthin’ could be finer than ripe tomato on my china…. Let’s learn to enjoy using our land.