Upside down at the Whitehouse

It’s “a lie” that nuclear doesn’t contribute to the climate crisis.

Nuclear energy doesn’t live up to its billing as the “emission-free panacea,” says a study from Pennsylvania’s Clarion University.

Each step in the current U.S. process of building and operating the power plant, mining the uranium ores and disposing of the wastes contributes to greenhouse gas emissions.

More than 50% of all fresh water consumed in this country is used by power plants.

It takes 10-20 years to put a billion dollar plant on line.

We have 50-60 years of uranium left.

Imagine the train-OUEC of uranium exporting cartels if nuclear power becomes our panacea!

But as usual and against science and against the tide, Bush says nuclear plants are “safe and clean”.

“You people in developing nations know what I’m talking about,” he says while stumping for ‘proliferation-resistant nuclear power’ with $18.5 billion in loan guarantees and “streamlined regulations.”

“There is no better way to produce electricity and promote the environment.”

“America’s gotta change its habits.”

You bet we do!