under gates


In essence, India suffers from a lack of critical thinking on several key issues of national importance.

The thinking that goes on happens within the confines of government – the civil service and the cabinet. There is almost a complete absence of groups outside the formal establishment who develop new policy ideas and actively engage with policy makers to see the ideas through.

As a result, it is no secret that India as a nation has not realized its potential even after six decades of Independence.


  1. agriculture is in dismal state;
  2. internal security is compromised with alarming impunity;
  3. manufacturing sector is not robust enough to employ the vast semi skilled work force;
  4. education is highly regulated;
  5. health services are woefully insufficient, and;
  6. infrastructure is grossly inadequate.

A nation of over a billion people is ruled by absolute adhocism.

We are invariably held hostage to one of the pressure groups operating to service the narrow interest of its members.