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Bilger Monorail (c)Too many look for ideal transportation, but our solutions do not need to be fancy.

I believe that a ‘true’ monorail is an overlooked transportation option. An iron track suspended over an existing road is the most effective transportation option available.

The right of way is already amortized.

An iron wheel on an iron track is tremendously efficient. Track and beams are both inexpensive and common.

Suspending a weight costs less than lifting a weight. Rights of way are costly and too many transit ideas, such as BART or Maglev, lift a costly roadbed into the air, but suspending weight over existing roadway requires far less engineering.

A monorail is simple and easy corridor. Cargo and passengers, containers or cars, are moved along ordinary pathway. Developing over existing roadway is developing unused air. There’s the saving and the wealth.