Trapped by beauty

scientific beauty checkEach pixel of this face has been calculated by scientists using a specialized software program.

It has been altered in a special way in order to make people think this is an attractive face.

Find out
why some faces are more beautiful than others.

Learn how scientists help unravel the mystery of beauty and the dangerous relationship between a beautiful body and social power.

“We are trapped by the simple false conclusion: what is beautiful is also good”.

“All this shows that we judge people and ourselves on a totally unrealistic basis. We compare ourselves with the most beautiful faces of the world which seem to be omnipresent in the media. They are integral parts in movies, in music video-clips, in commercials, they are on the title pages of magazines, on posters and so on. But the most absurd thing is that these “natural” faces the way they are depicted do not exist in reality either. Most of them are at least partially “artificial”. Their digital images are increasingly optimized by modern image processing software. By doing so faces are generated with attributes that are unreachable for even the most famous super models.”

SymFace lets you see how your face would look if it was perfectly symmetrical

For we are smothered in the revelation of beauty,
as awakening to each day within these stars must surely be.