tragedy or a farce

John Cleese refers to idiotsJohn Cleese:
“…in order to know how good you are at something, it requires almost exactly the same skills and aptitude as it does to be good at that thing in the first place.

“In other words, if you’re a really good tennis player or mathematician then you know how to tell how good you are. But it also means if you’re absolutely no good at something then you lack exactly the skills to realize your idiocy.

“It explains why so many idiots out there have no idea that they’re idiots.

“Yes. Take Sarah Palin — so many Republicans love her. I suddenly realized that in order to actually understand that someone is not very bright — or to be brutal, that they’re rather stupid — you really have to be more intelligent than them. Most Republicans aren’t smarter than Sarah Palin. It’s true.”