torture justification fail

Bush and Cheney do not seem to be able to sustain their cover:

The procedures of the CIA program are designed to be safe.

They are in full compliance with the nation’s laws and treaty obligations.

They’ve been carefully reviewed by the Department of Justice, and they are very carefully monitored.

The program is run by highly trained professionals who understand their obligations under the law.

And the program has uncovered a wealth of information that has foiled attacks against the United States; information that has saved countless, innocent lives.”

Yet some of those “highly trained professionals” had little more than two weeks of training on the job.

At RawStory:

Since Monday, when the CIA released a significant part of those documents — a 2004 CIA inspector general’s report on torture practices — there has been hardly a mention in the mainstream press about the fact that the report largely contradicted what the former vice president has been saying in public.

Torture saved no lives.