tone of our era

From the Volatility rant of the day:

The Rule of Rackets is that no one competes or otherwise acts as a textbook capitalist for one day longer than he has to.

As soon as possible and as much as possible, he leverages his market power and wealth into a monopoly position which he then aggressively exploits as a rent-seeking parasite.

This monopoly-creep is hard-wired into capitalism. He prefers slave labor, total socialization of costs and risks, and 100% extraction. That’s the logic in its entirety.

After all, as the apologists for the system never tire of reminding us, “the shareholders” would never settle for less, and they have a “right” to it, doggone it.

I know. Folks with ‘can do’ governed by extraction greed do not see the danger of what we’ve done or see the massive damage. It’s a stunning era.

There’s little good news on the science front and that’s an unstoppable osmosis into our heads and hearts. We’ll look back to see this era as history with a wollop. It’s a terriffic puzzle ahead. Sloppy is over.