to utter in cackles

Cry of a hen laying an egg.

define:cackle of rads
Radiation when exposed to lunacy.

Oh well, words are not really important.

Comment A:

Sarah Palin is a person that has had a mediocre education and has been thrust into the limelight by a desperate politician in search of a miracle.

Whenever she goes ‘off-script’ she’s invariably spewing gobbledygook mistaking quantity for quality and encounters a situation where the speed of her brain has been exceeded by the speed of her mouth. When she has these little verbal quirks, they are not ‘misspeaks’ but a product of a limited vocabulary.

Everybody seems focused on the word cackle but what about the usage of the words irony and passé. Irony is a funny contradiction. Passé means out of date. How is disagreement among women ‘ironic’ or ‘passé?

I think she may be speaking in tongue again.

Comment B:

She’s using it in a self-congratulatory way. She and her fellow radicals are cackling all the way to the bank as they promote an agenda in which women and other uppity people are put in their place.

Comment C:

Crucify other women?!