to use our sovereign powers

The key components of the American School directly confront, deny and refute the economic imperialism championed then by England and imposed by means mostly foul upon Europe over the years.

Economics Populist:

Most Americans aren’t aware that America once had a national economic plan, and it existed from the days of President Lincoln to President Nixon in one form or another.

During that 112 year period America grew from an agrarian frontier nation to the most mighty economic power the world had ever seen.

Obviously there had to be something good in that economic plan.

The roots of the American School of Economics go back to Alexander Hamilton, Friedrich List, and Henry Clay of the Whig Party. The American School of Economics was far different from the dominant economic thought of today.

Through this economic philosophy America set the standard in manufacturing, higher education, scientific research and development, finance, and general standard of living.

So what happened?