to show no quid pro quo

Our media gives us an aspirin when we could really use a lobotomy.

On the combination of peak oil and extraction damage, here’s snippets and comments from Kunstler’s provocative clusterfrak nation, the “stickiest web of frauds and swindles ever run in human history”.

We’re going to need a cabinet-level Boondoggle Czar.

On finance plunder and our slow-motion train wreck, Ben says:

Everybody is getting the nature of the collapse all wrong.

It’s happening now but it’s slow. There is no tipping point, no cliff. Just slow decent, notch by notch, day after day, forever.

I live in Africa and believe me, folks, you have no idea how much things can deteriorate, how poor you become, how many services can fail while at the same time there are still rich politicians and their business pals driving in big limos down new freeways doing exactly what they want.

Where I live half the population under 30 has no job and no hope of getting one. A third of country live in shacks. There are plagues, no-go zones, corrupt pigs demanding bribes everywhere, more taxes. But at the same time more golf esates, more BMW X6s and more silicone breast implants than ever before!

It becomes normal very quickly, trust me.

If you’re waiting for some kind of poverty limit to spark revolt you’re going to wait forever.

And another take on horizontal drilling and shale fracturing that the natural gas industry says will save us:

It IS amazing.

“How eager the USA is to mount a campaign to sustain the unsustainable at all costs, including massive collective self-deception. The lying starts at the very top.”


All anyone seems capable of is kicking the can down the road without regard to the longer term.

Individuals frack expenses for one more month. CEO’s frack their accounts for one more quarter. Politicians frack us all for one more term. The outliers who argue for conservation and sustainability are ignored or told to go frack themselves.

What a system we have. We are so fracked!

Funny. There actually is a town in PA called Frackville.

“I’ve read that in the Depression, Americans were more willing to lose their homes than their cars.”

Makes sense. You can live in your car, but you can’t drive your house.

What about the guy who invented the engine that runs on water?

That we would pollute and destroy the planet in order to continue the non-negotiable American lifestyle sounds like a science fiction fantasy. Except that its true.