to beg your carbon

What say a rap performed in Beijing?

Let’s look into the future and see the opportunity
Wind turbines will spin with great velocity
Solar panels will provide a clean revolution
To wean us off coal, and get rid of the pollution
Solar wind geo bio all on the table
But they are missing the tech to enable
A paradigm shift, power grid face lift
Better be swift, clean energy’s a gift
That must be delivered in a different way
Distributed and digitized, wouldn’t you say?

New energy is cool and all but I have to beg your pardon
Cause in the end it’s all about the carbon
We have to account for the emissions we made
Gonna be a carbon price under cap and trade
It’s a new language, parlez vous carbonais?
Supplementarity caps and additionality
Rising emissions are a solemn reality
So many targets that are yet unmet
Psh, have you ever even bought a carbon offset?

Yo but for real we gotta keep our heads straight
There are so many emissions that we must abate
I’m not sure if we can wait
The earth’s warming faster, we can’t be too late
But the world is changing, now Obama’s leading
It’s the sun’s energy off which we’ll be feeding
Financial crisis here, but we won’t back down
Put a smile on your face, I don’t want to see no frown
Clean energy is the future, we all know that
Global warming’s going down, ‘nuf said about that.