tiny tiny thieves

well, it’s a long long inquiry, science of cancer, but get this:

“That’s not all. Scientists have also discovered that most of the protein-coding cells, the cogs of cancer, are tiny microorganisms living in the body….

“So little is known about some of these new theories, including the microbes – which contain individual sets of DNA themselves – and seem to communicate with cells throughout the body.

“It’s astonishing, really.”

From last spring’s American Association for Cancer Research, let’s review a partial list of what causes cancer: carpentry, coffee, diesel and gas and freeway exhaust, mothballs, nickel jewelry, pickled food, the color white ! and microorganisms.

As the NYTimes reports:

As they look beyond the genome, cancer researchers are also awakening to the fact that some 90 percent of the protein-encoding cells in our body are microbes.

We evolved with them in a symbiotic relationship, which raises the question of just who is occupying whom.

“We are massively outnumbered,” said Jeremy K. Nicholson, chairman of biological chemistry and head of the department of surgery and cancer at Imperial College London.

Altogether, he said, 99 percent of the functional genes in the body are microbial.

bloody stunning

we are less than a tenth of our cells
no, we are less than 1% of our cells!
where to run? what to swat?