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Putin the Firefighter Russian Wildfire News: Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Tuesday took part in extinguishing forest fires on board an amphibious firefighting airplane. Russia’s head of government was the co-pilot for half an hour aboard a Be-200 firefighter plane.

Russia's Be-200 Firefight AircraftScooping up water from the nearby Oka River and dumping it on raging forest fires some 200 kilometers southeast of Moscow, he dumped 12 tons of water on each of two fires, extinguishing both completely.

Fire costs now at $15 billion.

Russian Meterological Center confirms heat wave and fires worst in at least a thousand years.

“We have an ‘archive’ of abnormal weather situations stretching over a thousand years, based on ancient weather conditions by exploring lake deposits… It is possible to say there was nothing similar to this on the territory of Russia during the last one thousand years in regard to the heat,” Alexander Frolov said.

Russia’s grain crop may decrease at least 30%.

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So what if Putin flies water bombers. Our Bush pilots Segways:

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