time for easy blogging

The Thought Shopper has bloggeritis 🙂 
I’ve been using Twitter lately; nearly entirely because the mouse clicks are easier. 

RT @davewiner: Here’s what Woz really thinks about Kim DotCom. http://t.co/MY4GC2NF
via @rwchambliss: The secular Day of Judgment: when all externalities are finally internalized.
There’s an extra billion people on Earth – if all are as #fat as Americans. – http://t.co/rr2aMtIm
“For some rea­son, these and most other rela­tion­ships never quite blos­somed the way we’d hoped…” – http://t.co/3rcFZcvm
RT @Nancy_Baron: Climate is what you expect, weather is what you get:Twain. Now – Climate is what you affect, weather is what gets you.
“Creditors demand citizens take losses in creditors’ place.” – http://t.co/1fM7oILG
Food stamps are really a ‘food and energy’ program– frees up household cash for gasoline. – http://t.co/DMCxZp31 #poverty
Look at the car dependent regions as they are emblematic of post peak-oil economic breakdown. – http://t.co/DMCxZp31
RT @davewiner: Drone Used To Spy On Miami Partygoers. http://t.co/NHlpa1X7
#danger – Fueled by elites, demonizing opponents is out of control and a prime cause of #war. – http://t.co/n1VEnVKD