thou expecteth too mucheth

Our ignorance is not so vast as our failure to use what we know.
—M King Hubbert

Jim Quinn’s ‘Lies Across America’:

If Americans were capable or willing to do some critical thinking, they would realize that those in power have created the illusion of a recovery by:

handing $700 billion of your money to the banks that created the financial meltdown,

spending $800 billion on worthless pork barrel projects borrowed from future generations,

dropping interest rates to 0% so that the mega-Wall Street banks can earn billions risk free while your grandmother who depended on interest income from her CDs edges closer to eating cat food to get by, and lastly,

blatant attempt to enrich Wall Street in an effort to make the stock market go up, while the middle and lower classes are crushed under the weight of soaring fuel and food price increases that exceed 30% on an annual basis.

The illusion of recovery is not a recovery.

With a true unemployment rate of 22%, a true inflation rate of 8% and a real GDP of -1.5%, we are in the midst of the Greater Depression.

You are being lied to, but most of you prefer it.