this is looting

How ‘free market’ was turned into profoundly destructive behavior.

It’s been a long time a-comin’, this Crisis.

ECONned, Yves SmithInvisible hand?

Free market?

It’s really scams, rip-offs and brazen looting.

Absurd complacency and happy talk.

Worthless cheer from the glossy clueless.

Travesty speculation.

Cooked figures and oblivious economists.

The outcome of this pseudo-scientific botching is an imposing corpus of pretentious quackery that somehow elevates unregulated ‘free markets’ into the sole mechanism of economic activity.

We are supposed to believe that by some alchemical process, maximum indulgence of human greed results in maximum prosperity for all.

Officially Sanctioned Thievery On An Epic Scale.