Things go better with…

Bumping into sites is like following intuition.
Or walking along the beach.

Here’s a neat summary of the necessary skillset in the advertising sector:

“I think I’m starting to believe that the fundamental skillset of great [advertising] planners is actually relatively uncomplicated.

It’s really easy 😉 you just have to be a brilliant, interesting and challenging human being with an amazing capacity to express yourself. Oh yeah, and be completely ego-less, and be able to take shit from multiple directions simultaneously.”

10 tips & some advice here.

Yeh sure. Really easy. We all qualify. Yup. But not to worry.

The reputed agency Brand Tacticians in the UK offers relief:

How to do great creative work
Without being clever or talented

Plus, they’ve posted this snippet:

Today the Financial Times reports that nearly one quarter of US baby boomers are insulted by the advertising messages that companies are sending them, according to a survey by a WPP research group. As a result, many said that they were actually less likely to buy a product. Only 25%?

I suppose that’s the very best “brilliant, interesting and challenging human beings with an amazing capacity” can achieve.