The University of Unlearning

  • Many-to-Many: Clay Shirky — The (Bayesian) Advantage of Youth
    “Young entrepreneurs have an advantage … that older people don’t have and can’t fake … a mental advantage. … they don’t know a lot of things. In almost every other circumstance, this would be a disadvantage, but not here”
  • A VC: Clay Weighs In On The Age Question
    “I don’t think it’s totally about age, it’s about a mindset. If you are willing to throw out old habits and start anew, you can compete with anyone. But Clay is right that you have to unlearn a lot of things in order to do that.”
  • Everything is Miscellaneous » Knowledge has always been social …
    “our metaphysics has led us to say that knowledge is a type of belief … something inside a head. … social knowledge — knowledge that arises through conversation and that thus is not contained in any single head. Social knowledge is among, not in”