the truth is coming out

Prior to the Internet, America’s media moguls sought to seize even more control of the hearts and minds of Americans in order to satisfy the needs of their financial sponsors and political agendas. And they were successful.

Disgraceful? Yes. Surprising? No.

Today, America’s mainstream media machine is primarily owned by a small group of men. And they don’t just own television networks or newspapers. They own television networks AND newspapers AND radio stations.

This is why you get the same bull regardless where you turn.

This carefully guarded control has created a very dangerous form of censorship that few realize because America’s media industry puts out the same messages and rarely allows an open platform for the exchange of opposing viewpoints by credible experts.

Mike Stathis at SeekingAlpha:

I have a mission that, in my opinion is much higher and more rewarding than money. I want to end the exploitation of Main Street by the financial industry.

The mainstream media no longer holds complete control of media distribution.

We the people now have a say in distribution through the Internet. As a consequence, the truth is coming out.

But they will only lose if you wake up and realize how you’re being fooled.