The shadow and the long tail of music

It ain’t over ’til it’s over. The Internet builds more data per day than the entire Internet of 10 years ago. Music and video are just beginning to impact the load. There is much more content on the horizon. And there are new tools to help discover content that matches our interest.

Calcutta blogs about Long Tail Music — the shape of things to come where music is independent in production, in venue and club, in genre and even in audience.

After his first post about Songbird,
Ross Karchner is celebrating new extensions for Songbird:

Only a few months ago a “rough-but-serviceable iTunes replacement”, Songbird is becoming a contender in the “shadow music industry” of independent labels, clubs, DJ’s, sites like eMusic and it’s competitors, MP3 blogs, and yes-goddammnit-Myspace…”