The root of course

John Edwards, youngerThe pieces in the news focus on an Edwards stripped bare, oh shame oh shame, but Edwards has importantly also said, “In the course of several campaigns, I started to believe that I was special and became increasingly egocentric and narcissistic.”

What did Shakespeare write, to plagiarize the NYTimes?

Every inch… stiff of joints and shaky of balance, this Lear stumbles, struts, punches, crawls and soars through the dusk before death, losing and finding and losing himself anew at every turn in the road to oblivion.

Aggrandizement will never cease to surprise and, at the same time, to feel absolutely inevitable. Someday soon I hope we find they are men and might be able, but we fail to know how to measure men.

If John Edwards’ political career is done, why isn’t John McCain’s?

Cindy unhappyJohn McCain had a well-documented affair betraying his first wife with his current wife.

He has admitted in his books that he ran around with several different women….

“While still married to his first wife, McCain left her for a younger, richer woman.”

PollyArtist asks, “And isn’t she the good little Stepford wife!?

“I have to wonder why, with all her millions she is willing to be so subservient to such a bum. What more secrets is she hiding?”

The Greek would know a man but we will not.