the reality of life

Yes, as through this world I’ve wandered

I’ve seen lots of funny men;

Some will rob you with a six-gun,

And some with a fountain pen.

Jon Taplin:

I believe it’s going to take a new renaissance of rebellious artists, spiritual leaders and politicians to wake up the public to the reality of the real America. Glenn Beck has no solutions but to retreat to a fantasy world of the 1950’s. The truth is that for more than half a century Republicans and Democrats alike have been prisoners of the conventional wisdom propounded by Wall Street bankers, military contractors, the Chamber of Commerce and their academic neoclassical economics enablers. The result is a hollowed out economy with no manufacturing base for exports except in making weapons of mass destruction, dependent on financial bubbles to keep the party going.

Well, the party is over.

Anyone who thought that just electing Barack Obama was the solution to our problems, misunderstood the institutional power of the Establishment and their conventional wisdom.