the real death panels

MIT’s Paul Raeburn noticed investigative reporting at the Buffalo News:

In a well-written, considered op-ed in the Buffalo News, he offers a few useful tidbits I hadn’t seen anywhere else. We know that insurance companies are prone to cancel the insurance policies of people who get expensively sick.

One detail I hadn’t heard was that insurers make these decisions in what are called ‘rescission committees‘.

Andrew Skolnick uncovers the real death panels – a compelling argument that insurance companies must be regulated.

I was wondering today if it’s odd that many journalists say, for example, “I was out covering a story”, “I covered that story” and so forth. Isn’t it much better to say, “I’m working on uncovering a story today” or “I’m flying tomorrow to uncover a story”? In these days of dominating corporate media, how often does covering a story mean just that?