the power of character

Next Big Future:

There is persistent demand for characters. Entertainment is based on characters. The success of Avatar and Pixar for computer generated characters.

The total virtual character market is greater than $35 billion annually and growing 18% per year.

What made Max Headroom a major media icon? Because people innately respond to human-like form.

Robot developer David Hanson asserts, “People are deeply discerning of social intelligence in the human form….

The human mind is hardwired for social cognition and face-to-face interactions. We must witness the machines learn and grow, fill with wonder and hope, and strive towards goals, see them struggle and overcome.

“This explains people‚Äôs powerful attraction to fictional characters in entertainment and literature, and why characters inspire such strong emotions in people, even love.

“Machines must form deep, caring relationships with people, and attain true love and wisdom. As protagonist machines obtain these capabilities, they will grow more desirable to consumers.”