the pain is for the people

Getting elected is about finding a hook, a slogan to spur a teetering worry.

Yes — it’s not about evidence, it’s about finding an excuse to implement an ideology.

The recession got in the way of those efforts until the idea that austerity is stimulative came along. Thus, “austerity is stimulative” is being used very much like “tax cuts increase revenues.” It’s a means of claiming that ideological goals are good for the economy so that supporters in Congress and elsewhere have a means of rationalizing the policies they want to put in place. It’s the idea that matters, and contrary evidence is brushed aside.

Oh the vanity of it. Our era is sociopathic opportunism and that’s that.

Ineffectual theory is pilfering our pockets by misappropriating our good sense.

Our candidates steer us wrong.

Of course they do.

Aggrandizing is the only trick done. The result is our sad sad slipping. We’ve been slipping for decades.

Worry and confusion will defeat us until we choose better.

It’s not their ideology will take us forward. It’s projects which transform our poisons and waste and depletion and dumb extracting. When platforms discuss real things, efficient things, gifts we’re bringing home to fix our sloppiness and repair our solvency, only then we will see we’re choosing well.

More political rage will be storms we’ll see ahead, nothing to stop it; weather jolts and climate change seem abstract compared to resource depletion, OIL, and population crush, to these we have no adequate response. Our prowess is a clamor to grab riches, stumbling over shoulders to secure private solace, far too little achieving of better solvency! Folks get worried, launch Armageddon in degrees of organic tomatoes or penthouse annuities;  just silly when we should be declaring our communities are being transformed, one and then another, another, another, until we look over entire regions, i.e. Sweden’s shift from oil, and say, “Oh, we’re safe again. Can we help you?” That’s exports we could use. F* exporting pork-barrel tear gas to the middle east.

We’re in a long era of dread captured by brigands. There’s the nub behind the rage, this rage in all continents, France a few months ago, Iceland whomped its banks already, every continent offers more to come, we haven’t seen merely Iran/Eqypt/Jordan/upcoming youth vs. entrenched ol’ guard, we haven’t seen what’s coming yet, folks are pissed, the globe is pissed, and history is showing this grand trend increasing every year.

A riot is at bottom the language of the unheard.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

How Can Rage Not Increase? Until organizations stiffen to the tremendous change of installing working structure that feeds and pleases, we’re heading into history much more disruptive than any milestone.

It’s exciting. Because there’s only one answer: Better. Yes. But 40% of your brothers and sisters are sunk like rocks in superstition, finds the Gallup Poll. That’s a climate needs a change!  Who IS the quintessential ‘hard-working American’? It’s not The Teabagger saying they never need government. We need it now, good government to bridle pirates and restrain the takings, to steer awhile.