The Human Potential Movement

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In the paragraph below there are five claims it cannot verify.

The Human Potential Movement arose out of the social and intellectual milieu of the 1960s and formed around the concept of cultivating of extraordinary potential that its advocates believed to lie largely untapped in most people. The movement took as its premise the belief that through the development of “human potential” humans can experience an exceptional quality of life filled with happiness, creativity, and fulfillment. As a corollary, those who begin to unleash this potential often find themselves directing their actions within society towards helping others release their potential. Adherents believe that the net effect of individuals cultivating their potential will bring about “positive” social change at large. [wiki]

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These are all unique human endowments; animals don’t possess any of them.

Associated with Habit 1:
Be Proactive is the endowment of self-knowledge or self-awareness, an ability to choose your response (response-ability)…

Associated with Habit 2:
Begin With the End In Mind is the endowment of imagination and conscience…

Associated with Habit 3:
Put First Things First is the endowment of willpower…

Associated with Habit 4:
Think Win-Win is the endowment of an abundance mentality. Why? Because your security comes from principles…

Associated with Habit 5:
Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood is the endowment of courage balanced with consideration…

Associated with Habit 6:
Synergize is the endowment of creativity…

Associated with Habit 7:
Sharpen the Saw is the unique endowment of continuous improvement or self-renewal to overcome entropy…”