The Big Men Entitlement

America’s Defense Meltdown

  1. Never has the US spent more in real or relative terms on defense.
  2. Not since the 1930’s has America had so little real capability to meet the real threats that confront it.

Our Military is in trouble but spending is way up. We have far less capability with far greater cost.

Military in trouble but budget is way upThere is something wrong with this picture. Readiness and force strength is declining but the cost has never been higher.

We have an inventory of equipment that is worn out and a pipeline of new equipment that is too expensive or too complex and in most cases totally unsuited to the threat that America can face.

What’s the problem and why should anyone care?

“The problem appears to be the same as the problem that has just delivered the financial crisis.”

The leadership of the system has gamed it by using the procurement process and by using the personnel process to focus on the needs of the leadership itself versus the needs of the nation.

“Big men in the pentagon have big procurement programs. Big men in the field drive carrier groups, armored divisions and fleets of bombers. The fact that all of these have no value in wars means nothing.”

America spends more than all possible enemies combined.

Comparison chart of USA military spending vs world