an elevator pitch

We are each the executive HQ of the milieu, the agency of action, the liquid reciprocity of benefits and rights.

In the domain of the oak, the ox and the eagle, we make worthiness a conflict with perfection beyond the warrior’s urge to destroy, worthiness, the undreamt reward to the victor while subjugating the right to deny the loser, worthiness in charge of the civilization, that’s the deal we make, the inescapable onus on the individual to participate in the benefit of the whole, to scorn the myriad dynasties that misunderstand the miracle that can do that, worthiness, folding history’s duration into the critical mass of the free !

[pullquote]We must push for character.
Otherwise it’s Enema 2.0… numb in nodes of decision trees… tolls, polls and policy rolls… capitalist, christian and cowboy lost in the covert power of cue. BORING.[/pullquote]Some say we are the ‘probabilistic logic for the synthesis of reliable organisms from unreliable components’, a dismaying sprawl of uncoined vigor.

Beta of lobe and icon of belly, we are precious order and chaos. I’d say we are debugging space time toward the function of character, toward worthiness, the curiosity of breathing.