history is our mother

So many of us want to say OWS is behaving poorly. Of course they are.

Frustration isn’t organized, it’s marched.

I was criticizing our America one night and I remember my mother scolding me.

“Oh Brian. Don’t say that. Think a little bit. America isn’t a bad country unless you say every country is a bad country. If you want to say that. But look back. Every time the world is in trouble, Americans go right there and try to fix it. What other country does that?

“Clumsy. Wrong sometimes.┬áBut when you count how many times these people put themselves on the line for everybody, you have to see you’re living in a great country.

“Why shouldn’t Americans worry about themselves if they want to make a few repairs?”

Geesh. Years go by. I can’t get away w’ nuthin’.