Surviving Dvorak. Sustaining YouTube.

Techdirt is running a response to Dvorak’s column on YouTube where once again Dvorak tells us we are all wrong, but aside from that, Techdirt’s post welcomes YouTube to our world and celebrates the technology, the innovation, the hard work, the excitement, in short, the geeks in the garage.

The YouTube phenomenon is not about its business model (or lack thereof), what it’s going to sell for, how much it spends on bandwidth, or how it can prevent copyright infringement.

Granted, all of those things may be interesting, but the interesting part of the story is YouTube created an extremely simple way for people to share video, which as it turned out, is something that people really like to do.

I threw my response into the comments:

I want to pipe in to say that our first language is visualization. We are primarily visual. Literacy is a new thing. Perhaps an inefficient tool as well.

Technology that enable recovering and pursuing visual communication will rise to the forefront at every introduction.

Even as YouTube goes the way of the wooden wheel, the future will be very different.

Pictures will win.

TechDirt’s post, Who Are You And What Have You Done With The Real John Dvorak?