surplus of women

Girls are where there’s boys with high incomes:

Throughout the industrialized world, young women outnumber young men in urban areas. Such a pattern may be linked to higher male incomes in urban areas.

The argument is that urban areas offer skilled workers better labor markets. Assuming that there are more skilled males than females, this alone would predict a surplus of males.

However, the presence of males with high incomes may attract not only skilled females but also unskilled females. Thus, a surplus of women in urban areas may result from a combination of better labor and marriage markets. – Source: “Sex and the City” from Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 2005, vol. 107, issue 1, pages 25-44

Importantly, oral sex is the ‘sexual revolution of the 21st century’.

“Based on the results of my study, there is a percentage of women (just over 30 per cent) who feel powerful when performing fellatio. Apparently some women find it empowering and believe that it can wield a lot of power.”

“Eighty-two per cent of respondents said that they never used protection when engaging in oral sex, compared to only seven per cent for intercourse; it’s almost like it didn’t occur to them to protect themselves when having oral sex,” said Brea Malacad, Faculty of Education, University of Alberta.