Superbugs are creeping into our world

This post follows the very provocative news that eating chicken can lower our resistance to germs and may be propelling the arrival of Superbugs.

This study found that 20% (up to 50% in some hospitals) of staph infections are resistant to antibiotics.

They’re creeping past hospitals, beating our medicines and ramping up the need for new drugs.

Superbugs, which are resistant to antibiotics, are more common than we thought in Canada, said researchers of a new study of 19 intensive care units across the country.

“The problem with antibiotics is we create resistant superbugs,” said Dr. George Zhanel, a University of Manitoba medical microbiology professor yesterday.

“The big worry is we are going to enter shortly in a state … where we will have patients who are essentially untreatable.

This is a time called revenge of the killer microbes.