Summer of Lovehandles

Connie Madden, former journalist and programmer at KSAN Radio, attended the 40th Anniversary Reunion of the Summer of Love:

Summer of Love 40th AnniversaryOther writers take other tacks on Summer of Love. Joel Selvin in the San Francisco Chron seemed to think it was about music and nostalgia, checking each other out and trying to be 20 something again.

I thought it was remarkable how little many had aged, though there was that weight -gain thing; some said it was Summer of Lovehandles!

For me, it was a grand gathering of so many tribes I couldn’t name them, so diverse and yet all familiar.

“Marxists of the Groucho variety”

Connie reminds us of Scoop Niskar who signed off with KSAN’s famous last words, “Remember, if you don’t like the news, go out and make some of your own.”