Steve Irwin and daughter Bindi

Steve and Bindi IrwinPeter’s Reviews reports,

“It seems that the acorn really doesn’t fall far from the Irwin tree. Following Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin’s accidental death, his daughter, Bindi, is set to have her own show.

“The show had been planned before Steve’s death and Bindi intends on honoring her father by following in his footsteps, including eventually swimming with the stingrays.

From Life Style Extra: Steve, 44, died tragically when a stingray’s poisoned barb pierced his heart while he was filming a documentary at Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

It was thought Bindi’s show, expected in January 2007, would be axed following his death but she wants to carry on her father’s conservation and TV work.

Bindi Irwin has a wiki page.
Rebecca Murray at posted a short promo/interview with Steve and Terri Irwin, noticing “For all the passion and wildness in Steve’s speaking demeanor, Terri is the perfect balance to reign it in and keep it all in perspective.”

Friend John Stainton has a wiki link.