spill on the inside

Many say we do not see much of the oil spill.

This is unacceptable.

So, I decided on the way back, well let me just go out from the coast a little bit and see what’s going on. I ran into oil 3/4 of mile off the coast. Not sheen. Crude.

As I’m driving along back towards Red Pass I look over the Gulf and I notice that there’s big swarms of birds. That’s not unusual. I figured they were diving on bait. But why were they diving into oil sheen? Because birds don’t know any better.

We’re driving out towards the birds. I wanted to see what they were diving into. I wanted to know. As we get out to the birds, I don’t know if you’ve been out on the water much, if you’ve seen a big school of fish. They have like a boil on the water. It looks like a pot boiling. The fish boil the water with their moves.

As we drove into it, there was big Bull Reds with their mouths on top of the water , laying sideways , swimming upside down in a circle. Again, hundreds of thousands of them, school after school after school.

They were dying. They were so disoriented that they were running into the side of my boat.