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News links you may not have seen.

  • 45 percent of craft sent into space this year was from Russia.

  • A gene variation protects memories and ability to think and learn new information by altering the cholesterol particles in the blood, making them bigger than normal. Little effort has been made to identify the reasons for longevity in exceptionally old people, and why they don’t develop disease.
  • Carbon dioxide emissions will produce a 3 percent reduction in the density of Earth’s outermost atmosphere by 2017.
  • People estimate that, on average, they make about 15 food- and beverage-related decisions each day. But the truth is, they make more than 15 times that — more than 200 such decisions.
  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced the bald eagle will be officially taken off the endangered species list in February.
  • Mothers who fret that their children will send them to an early grave may be closer to the truth than they think.